Petroleum | Globe 36cm

The color of our globe Petroleum has never been better defined than by the expression of the Figaro newspaper in 1920:"Petroleum Blue, a new deep, indefinable blue"!

The globe Petroleum is available with Calender bases allowing very smooth and quiet rotation in all directions.
Including up to 30 cartographic customizations.
We ship your globe worldwide within 10 weeks.

More details

  • Calender

Specifications & recommendations

- Diameter 36cm, Weight 4 kg
- Mapping up to date 2020
- We will contact you to define your cartographic customizations.
- Hand painted with watercolours :Sennelier extra-fine, Winsor&Newton or Old Holland depending on the color and gold highlights.
- Protective varnish
- Quiet rotation in all axes
- Custom-made box with certificate of authenticity
- Keep away from direct sunlight.
- Remove dust with a clean, dry cloth.