How it started

All good story have a humble start, ours began one evening on the way back from school:"Dad, let’s make a globe like the one I’ve seen the video? We promise we'll help you!"

What was to be a project of a few weekends with my children quickly turned into a quest and the adventure will be a little longer and longer than expected, with finally a change of life

The creation

To build a globe, we had to overcome many hurdles :

Make a planisphere from reliable cartographic sources, then cut it into rectangular strips before "pinching" them to give them a almond shape and thus fit on a sphere.

The choice of paper was also crucial, contemporary papers no longer having the properties of the papers used by the ancient globes manufacturers, they deform much less, tear and leave folds.

For the realization of the sphere I chose to use staff, a composite made of high quality plaster reinforced by a canvas, in order to obtain a robust globe with natural materials.

The globes not quite round, the paper gores that tear, the parallels of the globe that do not meet perfectly... the obstacles to overcome were legions !
Building a globe is an art and the road to mastering all the necessary techniques is long and difficult. It took 24 months, many mistakes and an understanding family before we could proclaim: We’ve made a globe!


Some time later, OrbisTerrae was born. 500 years later, after the creation of the first known globe and the birth of Francis 1st in Cognac, OrbisTerrae continues the tradition by creating quality, bespoke globes ready to stand the test of time. From engineer to craft globe maker, children's questions can change your life!

Our globes are made exclusively from noble and natural materials and then painted by hand with constant attention to detail. The papers are certified acid-free to ensure optimum preservation.

Internally designed maps are regularly updated to reflect the changing world and can be customized to include your special places.

Our activity is in full development, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep you informed of the latest news.

Contact us to discuss the details of your globe or future gift for your loved ones!

"...Dad, let’s  build a telescope now, shall we?!"