"It's a beautiful piece of work that we never tire of admiring: beautiful memories immortalised in an original and lasting way. Congratulations again on your talent, it's remarkable!"

Constance - Paris - Oct. 2023


"I am really happy and satisfied with this unique piece, which has already delighted many of my friends. I would like to thank Gaël Gaborel for his work...".

Gérard - St Tropez - Oct. 2023


"We fell in love with the product during the TV show, which was confirmed during our visit to Gaël's home. and we were delighted to receive our personalised globe".

Liliane - Royan - Oct. 2023


"I'm very pleased with the final rendering of the globe and the personalisation, it's exactly what I wanted."

Pierre - Var - Sep. 2023


"A magnificent globe that lived up to my expectations in every respect!"

Georges - Toulouse - Sep. 2023


"Recommendation already made. My father is "looking for a place" in his office to perhaps install the smallest model! We found the delivery packaging very well done and will keep it for a future move."

Nathalie - Lyon - Sep. 2023


"The globe has arrived at belle île and is installed in the living room It's gorgeous!"

Ludovic - Paris - Jul. 2023


"Very nice realization, super the personalization thank you very much!"

Julien - Gironde - Jul. 2023


"My opinion is short and simple. A magnificent globe, personalised just as I wanted it, splendid colours, constructive and progressive discussions before and during the design! A perfect gift idea and guaranteed happiness."

Claude - Reunion Island - Jul. 2023


"Beautifully made, perfect packaging and a very nice little note to accompany it. Thank you"

Michel - Pyrénées Orientales - Jun. 2023


"It's superb and I'm delighted!"

Cyril - Paris - Jun. 2023


"Thank you for this beautiful object that will be with us for many years to come!"

Myriam - Brest - May. 2023


"The Globe is magnificent and Mr Gaborel was always very available and attentive."

Karine - Niort - May. 2023


"It's been an incredible experience, from discovering Gaël's art in a TV report - which made us dream a few years ago - to the perfect opportunity to order the globe: we can't stop admiring it. It was a real trip back to our childhood, and we were delighted to deal with such a beautiful person. Thank you for the journey, thank you for the emotion!

Caroline - Toulouse - Apr. 2023


"I did receive the globe, perfect work! Thank you very much."

Daniel - Paris - Mar. 2023


"Gaël was able to create a globe that perfectly matched my expectations to celebrate the fulfilment of my father's dream. A single-handed circumnavigation of the globe. As a result, he will have a wonderful souvenir of this experience and of his journey, faithfully reproduced on the globe. As well as all the significant and important events he experienced during this journey. The exchanges with Gaël, particularly during the personalisation of the globe, are a real pleasure, especially as he's always ready to listen and give his enlightened point of view! [...]"

Titouan - Paris - Mar. 2023


"Our personalised Humboldt globe is a great success. The quality of the work is meticulous, sensitive and gives our Earth a soul. A big thank you to Monsieur Gaborel, an artist of undeniable talent and craftsmanship!"

Valérie - Quebec - March 2023


"Thank you for this magnificent achievement."

Christophe - Versailles - Feb 2023

"A great experience, and a magnificent result. I started a little late, and I would have liked to have had a little more time to think about the customisations. We're more than happy with the end result."

Guillaume - Metz - Jan 2023


"It's a very nice object, with a very fine craftmanship!"

Alicia - Strasbourg - Dec 2022


"The discussions with Gaël on the globe were very pleasant and interesting. Gaël was very attentive and open to my various suggestions, which enabled me to mature my project thanks to his very enriching feedback. His work is magnificent and I feel very lucky.

Oriane - Nice - Dec. 2022


"Thanks to Gael, I made a childhood dream come true...".

Stéphane - Périgord - Dec 2022


"Wonderful globes, a very pleasant contact, and constructive exchanges, making it possible to personalise this beautiful object as much as to feel the passion that drives Gaël in his work. You get lost in the details, you feel a strange fascination, in short, you can travel around the world in a few seconds without ever getting round to the question."

Charles - Paris - Nov. 2022


"A magnificent hand-made globe! Gaël was very available to take into account each personalised element. A work of art!"

Pierre - Paris - Nov. 2022


"The idea is brilliant, as is the execution, and on top of that the designer is friendly and passionate!"

Francine & Jean-Luc - Les Landes - Oct. 2022


"Great rendering of the globe! Gaël was very responsive when it came to our discussions and was a great source of suggestions for customisations!"

Corentin - Val de Marne - Sept. 2022


"In just a few discussions, Gaël was able to help us define what was going to make this magnificent globe an exceptional gift to pass on. At once topical and timeless. So many emotions written in time..."

Christophe - Charente - May 2022


"Perfect execution and listening!"

Chloé - Charente - Jan 2022


"I received the super-magnificent Globe last night. I am just blown away by the work you have done! Such attention to detail is incredible! The morphology of the ridges is superb and the representations of the ships are quite good. I really love the Globe! It's much, much more than I ever dreamed of. I'd also like to thank you for your little note and for the images of the ships you included. Thank you, thank you so much!!!"

Milena - Paris - Jan 2022


"I have received the parcel! The globe corresponds perfectly to what I was looking for and is very beautiful! Many thanks for the sublime craftsmanship!"

N. M. - Var - Dec. 2021


"The globe was made as quickly as possible and personalised to perfection! A big thank you to Gaël who was patient and very kind. I'll be recommending him to everyone I know!"

Lila-Mai - Paris - Nov. 2021


"I'm delighted with the discussions we had during the design process and the result is just perfect!!! TOP NOTCH!"

Anaïs - Charente Maritime - Jul. 2021


"Just well done and keep up the good work - I came to know you through a family member and I hope another will come forward soon to place an order with you!"

Charlotte - Val de Marne - Jul. 2021


"The gift was finally presented in style last Sunday. [...] was delighted, and surprised too (secret kept until the end). Many thanks again. I'll keep OrbisTerrae in mind if I ever need to make a nice present!"

Alice - Manche - Apr. 2021