First 36cm Petroleum globe : behind the scene

Published : 2018-06-01 12:12:37
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A few weeks ago, while I was receptionning the coffret protecting our 22 cm desk globes, I met Fabien* who asked many questions about the making of the globes. We discussed together the different stages of the artisanal manufacture, from the realization of the plaster spheres to the watercolouring and the varnish.

Our globes of 22 cm are very pretty, but for our future customer, it is too small..., it is necessary to undertake the design and manufacturing a 36 cm globe, more impressive and detailed. The project was already  started at OrbisTerrae but not yet quite completed: I took up the challenge without further delay, the globe being a birthday present, it was out of question to miss the delivery!

We inserted the personalizations and the quotes wanted by Fabien and the rest of the family participating in the conspiracy. The biggest difficulty was the choice of color, Persian Pink or Petroleum? After much thinking and consultations, the choice was Petroleum, superb with its deep blue gradients and ochre reliefs.

Like all our 22 cm globes, the base for the 36cm globes allows silent 360° rotation in all directions thanks to our unique sliding pad system. The essence chosen for the base is the flamed sycamore, a very white wood with subtle waves.

Fabien regularly followed the progress of the project and what a relief when, once the globe was finished, the globe was validated ! We liked the new globe so much that we made a picture of it for our homepage !

In order to push personalization even further, the box will also be personalized and beautiful. We will tell you more in the coming weeks...

Like Fabien, we invite you to put us to the test for your future globe, you make us progress!

Globe Petroleum 36cm

Globe Rose Perse 22cm

* name changed