Making of a globe for "Planète en Commun"

Published : 2018-06-21 12:43:36
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Sandrine and Jean Luc wanted a very special globe..., a handmade globe, in natural materials respectful of the environment for their maritime odyssea to discover our planet. We liked the "Planète en Commun" project so much we decided to participate to their adventure (At our level!) !

Sailors and parents of a 5 year old boy, they will embark from Sète in September for a long sea voyage with one objective: To witness the diversity of our planet and its oceans and meet earth's inhabitants.

The specifications of the globe were simple:

A name: Planète en Commun

An itinerary: A first trip of 15000 km between Sète and Ushuaïa with two boats: Luna Blu and Kara Ora.  Also a project to carry on the adventure towards the Pacific in 2020

A personalized color: Blue obviously, but a special kind of blue!

Our 22 cm globe is perfect for the necessarily limited space on the sailboat. The plaster globe is illustrated with the route of their journey and handpainted using watercolour. The base with flamed sycamore veneer, allows the rotation of the globe in all directions.

As the desired colour "Pantone Process blue U" was obviously not an available watercolor, we experimented with different pigment mixtures and after many tests, we found the recipe for the pretty blue! The mix of watercolours obtained was used to fill the oceans.

Starting from the observation that we are all on the same planet, this globe has no borders between states, only natural rivers and reliefs.

And here's the result...

Globe planete en commun

The globe will be delivered in the coming weeks in time for when the boats sets sails in September.