Toits de Paris | Globe 22cm

This globe was created to celebrate the zinc roofs of Paris! The zinc colour of the continents blends perfectly with the oceans, whose colour is reminiscent to the stone used for the Haussmann buildings. The shores take on a brick colour characteristic of the chimney blocks and the gold evokes the gleaming dome of the Invalides.

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Free watercolour gift card upon request.


More details

Bespoke globe

- Diameter 22cm, Weight 1.6 kg.
- Up to 10 map customisations.
- Available in French or English, other languages upon request.
- Watercolours : (Sennelier, W&N, Old Holland, Schmincke).
- Shaded relief hand painted & 22 carat gold leaf gilding.
- Shipped in a sturdy, screen-printed cardboard box, under 10 weeks with authenticity Certificate.
- 360° ultra quiet rotation using custom design cushions.

850.00 €