Toundra | Globe 36cm

Tundra is a Russian word for the landscape of northern Russia and Canada, which is mainly made up of moss and lichen. The globe reproduces the shades of these vegetals to create a very gentle mood!
Free watercolour gift card upon request.
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Bespoke globe

- Diameter 36cm, Weight 4 kg.
- 2022 map update, up to 20 map customisations.
- Available in French or English, other languages upon request.
- Watercolours : (Sennelier, W&N, Old Holland, Schmincke).
- Shaded relief hand painted & 22 carat gold leaf gilding.
- Shipped in a sturdy, screen-printed cardboard box, under 12 weeks with authenticity Certificate.
- 360° ultra quiet rotation using custom design cushions.

1750.00 € *

* Including shipping costs for metropolitan France