Marie Tharp | Globe 36cm

Marie Tharp was an American oceanographer who pioneered the mapping of the seabed in the second half of the 20th century. Her work supported the theory of continental drift thanks to its creation of bathymetric maps.
The earth can be seen emptied of its oceans, with the oceanic ridges and continental shelves clearly visible!
Free watercolour gift card upon request.

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Bespoke globe

- Diameter 36cm, Weight 4 kg.
- Up to 20 map customisations.
- Available in French or English, other languages upon request.
- Watercolours : (Sennelier, W&N, Old Holland, Schmincke).
- Shaded relief hand painted & 22 carat gold leaf gilding.
- Shipped in a sturdy, screen-printed cardboard box, under 13 weeks with authenticity Certificate.
- 360° ultra quiet rotation using custom design cushions.

2250.00 €