Bistre | Globe 22cm

Bistre is a colour that has been used since the Middle Ages by artists to make washes and drawings. Originally, the colour brown was obtained from chimney soot. This colour can be found for example in Rembrandt's preparatory sketches.
Free watercolour gift card upon request.

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Bespoke globe

- Diameter 22cm, Weight 1.6 kg.
- 2022 map update, up to 10 map customisations.
- Available in French or English, other languages upon request.
- Watercolours : (Sennelier, W&N, Old Holland, Schmincke).
- Shaded relief hand painted & 22 carat gold leaf gilding.
- Shipped in wooden case, under 10 weeks with authenticity Certificate.
- 360° ultra quiet rotation using custom design cushions.

850.00 € *

Ready to ship globe

- all identical, except :
- 2022 map update, no customisations.
- Shipped in sturdy carboard box, no wooden case.
- Shipped immediately if in stock or within 4 weeks

580.00 € *

* Including shipping costs for metropolitan France