Humboldt | Globe 60cm

The Humboldt Globe is a tribute to the famous geographer, naturalist and humanist who laid the foundations of a modern science. He is notably at the origin of the classification of species by climate and environment, thus becoming the precursor of the concept of ecosystem.
Free watercolour gift card upon request.
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Bespoke globe

- Height 41'', Diameter 23.6'', weight 7 kg
- Base 8 kg, veneer choices : Oak, Wallnut, Sycomore, LouroFaya, Ebony or Zebrano
- Tiptoe legs, see below
- Up to 20 map customisations.
- Available in French or English, other languages upon request.
- Watercolours : (Sennelier, W&N, Old Holland, Schmincke).
- Shaded relief hand painted & 22 carat gold leaf gilding.
- Shipped under 16 weeks with authenticity Certificate.
- 360° ultra quiet rotation using custom design cushions.

4600.00 €

Tiptoe Legs

- Colours : Graphite Black (picture),Cloudy White, Mineral Blue, Eucalyptus Grey, Sunflower Yellow, Dark Varnish, Ash Pink, Terracotta Red, Rosemary green 
pieds Tiptoe